1 .
What problems stop you from creating more high ticket income?
2 .
Please describe what kind of products or services you offer? Or describe what you do professionally for work? Please help us better understand your business model, or your current line of work.
3 .
Which of the following descriptions describe your specific niche or line of work online?
4 .
Assuming we accept your application AND inject our time, expertise, support, consulting, and High Ticket Freedom system into your business please answer this question TRUTHFULLY. Are you prepared to put in DOUBLE the work we invest into you, in order to MAXIMIZE your chances of success while MINIMIZING THE TIME REQUIRED? ANSWER CAREFULLY, we don't sugar coat our training, you WILL be required to demonstrate you are serious about your success!
5 .
How much have you spent on courses, coaches, consultants, and online training in the past? Please also list how many coaches or consultants have you worked with before, and who you have worked with in the past.
6 .
What are some of your biggest dreams, passions, and goals? We want to know what you dream about accomplishing so we can help you progress to accomplish your dreams.
7 .
Identify your worst fear that has stopped you from achieving the lifestyle and freedom you KNOW you deserve. PLEASE write as much as you feel is required to fully help us understand your strengths and weaknesses.
8 .
What BEST describes your current financial situation? This is a serious business, and our intention is to help you build a 6 - 7 figure lifestyle based business with this business model. That being said, our program is not FREE, there is a $5k fee involved AND you will also need to invest in yourself, advertising and other common business expenses. Super important we understand your complete situation coming in, so we can best prescribe what you need to do first. UNDERSTAND our pricing will NOT increase if you indicate you are wealthy, our fees are the same for all intake clients.
9 .
If I proved that investing into Facebook advertising WILL accelerate your business, what would you say?
10 .
If you qualify for a FREE session then find that you are a good fit for this transformative lifestyle and business training program, when do you want to pay and get started?
11 .
What are your contact details and information?
What is your name?
What is your best email?
What is your best phone number?
What is your Skype?
What is your Facebook profile URL?
12 .
If my application is accepted and I join your mastermind group, I take an oath that I will act with integrity, take responsibility for my own actions, and make success my obligation, duty, and full commitment. I give my word that I will be a contributing member of the Mastermind Community?